COVID-19: The Great Revealer of Inequality, Injustice, and Insensitivity

27 minutes

Is COVID-19 the "Great Equalizer"? A more accurate description is that COVID-19 is the "Great Revealer." This lethal virus is revealing inequality and injustice at every level of American society. African Americans are hugely and disproportionately affected by the coronavirus, causing more illness and more death than in any other community.  All communities of color have been suffering for decades, even centuries, under America's capitalist and white supremacist system. Yet most white people have the privilege of ignoring or dismissing the terrible plights and injustices suffered by people and communities that are not part of their genteel social circles. But COVID-19 has brought these "invisible" socio-economic problems into the light. In the last show, Doug and Robin discussed an article that showed the effects of structural racism and COVID-19's special and unequal threats to African Americans. This week, Doug and Robin examine select cities where people of color are suffering in shocking numbers. Discover the real reasons underlying the high rate of COVID-19 deaths in America's urban communities.

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Start listening to Juneteenth Special: Original Short Story and a True Slave Narrative