The Untold History of African American Presidential Candidates

30 minutes

Do you know how many African Americans have run for President of the United States? The history books are filled with the names and stories of White men (and a few White women) who have run for the world's most powerful political office. Forgotten are the African Americans--both men and women--who have run for President of the United States. From the great orator and abolitionist, Frederick Douglass, to the fiery and bold activist, Cynthia McKinney and beyond, African Americans have taken the courageous (and dangerous) step to be the leader of the free world. Some ran as candidates of the major political parties. Others stepped out of the mainstream to challenge the established political parties as members of so-called "third" political parties. All were courageous, strong and refused to be held back by their race, gender, or ideology. Doug and Robin hold one of their most lively conversations taking us through American political history to examine these "uncommon" candidates, their political platform, and their vision for a better, more inclusive country. It's time to fill the gaps in our history books!

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Start listening to Juneteenth Special: Original Short Story and a True Slave Narrative
Start listening to Juneteenth Special: Original Short Story and a True Slave Narrative