We confront issues and events and their effects on Black people in the United States and around the world. From climate change to white supremacy, police violence to veganism, we face these highly charged topics with courage and curiosity. Our uncommon conversation is quick, engaging and enlightening. Grab an espresso and join the convo!

About the Hosts

Robin Lofton

Robin Lofton


Robin is a social justice writer, historian, and human rights activist. She writes about African American history and culture for  Robin is a curious and active traveler, wellness enthusiast, a passionate writer, and a committed community volunteer. She lives in Brussels, Belgium.

Frederick Douglas Lofton

Frederick Douglas Lofton


Doug is a lawyer, historian, stock trader, and teacher. He writes the blog, Lawyer Explorer, which introduces people to the history and cultural traditions of indigenous and ancient peoples. Through his travels, he explores and uncovers the mysteries of the world.  Doug hails from Seattle, Washington.

Hans Hyppolite

Hans Hyppolite

Senior Content Analyst

Hans is a political analyst who recently completed his Master’s Degree in International Relations in Brussels, Belgium. Having lived in the Caribbean, the United States and Europe, he brings a youthful and diverse perspective to the cast of Espresso Talk Today. Through his studies and experiences, he hopes to help develop policies that will better the lives of ordinary citizens. Hans currently lives in Albany, New York. 

Benjamin Koponen

Benjamin Koponen

Content Specialist

Ben is studying political science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He founded and writes the blog, Telio-Possibilities, which presents ideas from the intersection of philosophy, literature, and politics.  His goal is to simplify a complicated world to ensure justice, equality, and peace for all. He holds both American and Swedish nationalities. Ben lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Start listening to Facing the Covid-19 Holiday Season with Joy & Safety
Start listening to Facing the Covid-19 Holiday Season with Joy & Safety